Dear Quarry Friends and Patrons,

An update to our 2021 summer season and the status of the Quarry Swim Club is sorely past due.

Fortunately, we’ve had many interested parties visit the Quarry since we closed for the season last summer. We’ve narrowed it down to two potential buyers. Negotiations are now in the hands of the attorneys on both sides.

Because of delays in the process, we do not see the Quarry opening for the season until Friday, June 25th. That is the same time that the Quarry opened last year due to the pandemic.

We have two large items on our list that need to be addressed before the Quarry can open.

The first item is the inspection of our septic system. If we do not pass that inspection, the septic will need to be replaced. Although this step is usually the responsibility of the buyer, to avoid further delays we have scheduled the inspection ourselves.

The second necessary inspection is the Phase 1 Environmental, coupled with a due-diligence facility inspection. The environmental inspection is a process, possibly involving equipment on the grounds. While that is happening, we cannot permit our members and their families on the property. The scheduling of that inspection is out of our hands, and we don’t yet know the starting date or how long it will take.

The good news is that we have started hiring staff and may need two or three additional lifeguards. The new owners will also need to bring on a Certified Pool Operator/Manager to replace Jim and me.

We hesitate to post any seasonal rates until dates are finalized with the new owners. They may wish to expand hours, dates or make other changes to the swim club’s operating format.

Thank you for your patience. We will keep you updated as we move through this process. 

The Gyptons

                                                 2021 Season Information