2020 COVID-19 Health and Safety Regulations

Upon entry to the Quarry, please observe social-distancing of six feet at the gate. Social distancing also applies while swimming in the pool and quarry lake, on the rafts, diving boards, picnic grounds, patio, parking lot, dressing rooms, shower and volleyball court. The exception is your own group of immediate family members, caregivers, household members or romantic partners.

Please follow our spacing indicators marked at the entrance from the main parking lot. If you don’t see a mark, space yourselves six feet apart while waiting in line. Please be patient, as we must sign in every person in your group individually. We may also need time to explain our protocols as required by the NJ State Health Department Regulations.

This year, we cannot provide inner tubes, noodles, pool toys or volleyballs. You must bring your own flotation devices, toys, chairs and towels. They cannot be shared, as required by health regulations. We also cannot open the snack bar this year, but you may bring your own food and drinks, as well as your own hand sanitizer. 

Face coverings while outside are optional, but are required in the restrooms and dressing rooms. Face coverings are not permitted to be worn while you are swimming. Signs at the main gate and outside the restrooms and dressing rooms list further protocols as required by state regulations. Most are simply common sense: stay home if you are sick or feeling sick; only one or two people in the restroom or dressing room at a time; wash your hands with soap and water; sneeze or cough into a tissue or towel; let someone know if you are feeling ill so they can take you home. Upon departure, please stop at the Main Gate to check yourself out for the day.