Quarry Swim Test 

The Quarry is a natural body of water that is 55 feet deep, with no shallow areas. For that reason, SWIMMERS ONLY should attempt the swim test. Children under the age of 13 must take the swim test.

Participants will be asked to complete the following tasks: 

1. Swim to the 1st Quarry raft (approx. 40 yards) beside a lifeguard on a board. 
     *  Swimmer must demonstrate that he or she is proficient at the crawl (freestyle) or the breaststroke
     *   NO doggy paddle, backstroke or swimming underwater is allowed
     *   Swimmer may rest on the raft for 2 minutes 

2. Jump into the water from the raft and swim back to the waterfront.

3. Tread water for 3 minutes in an area designated by the lifeguard.

To pass the test, 100% completion of all three tasks is required. Pass/fail will be determined by the lifeguard giving the test. The test may be altered at the lifeguard's discretion. 

NOTE: If the swimmer tires, s/he she may hold onto the lifeguard's board, but the test has been failed at that point.The test can only be taken once a day. 

If a child over the age of 13 who hasn't taken the test is dog-paddling or struggling in the Quarry, a lifeguard may ask the child to take the swim test.