For almost 100 years, the Quarry Swim Club has run as a picture-postcard swimming area. Although bathing suit styles may have changed over the years, much of the Quarry has remained the same.

A quarry operation mined the rock into the early 1900s.  The miners carved a deep hole in the hillside and were constantly pumping out the water that rose from the underground springs.  In 1916, the quarry ceased operation and the mining company filed for bankruptcy.  The equipment was removed, and the pump (which was used to remove the spring water) was shut off.

The springs continued to produce an abundance of water, filling the hole to its current depth of approximately 55 feet.  Consequently, when those hot, hazy days of summer hit and school was out, no fence, wall or sign could keep kids away from the hidden treasure that became "the old swimming hole." As word spread, locals began to climb over and around the rickety fence that surrounded the place.  The local kids would walk, bike or hitch-hike to this Beautiful spot to cool off. 
A Brief History of the Quarry 

Special thanks to Jack Koeppel and the Hopewell Valley Historical Society for the historical research of the Quarry Swim Club's early days!

As people started showing up to go swimming, the owners began to charge admission and soon began the earliest days of the Quarry Swim Club.  It was incorporated as a swim club in 1928.

In 1946 the first in-ground swimming pool of the area was built.  Later, an admissions booth was added, dressing rooms were installed, and the first Quarry snack shack or "refreshment building" was completed.

Newspaper articles from 1946, 1949 and 1951 reported that the Quarry Swim Club, along with the American Red Cross, held spectacular Water Carnivals every summer.  There were diving competitions off the cliffs that drew huge crowds and demonstrations on water safety and boating were also given.

The Quarry, an institution in West Central New Jersey, is now a place where grandparents bring their grandchildren to swim where they swam in their youth! 

The current owners, Nancy & Jim Gypton, continue to run the Quarry Swim Club maintaining the rustic traditions of the old swimming hole, reminiscing with old members and welcoming new families and friends to their summertime home