As one passholder writes...

"The Quarry Swim Club will go that extra mile to make sure your child not only learns how to swim, but has fun doing it as well!"

Available to passholders and non-passholders, the Quarry Swim Club offers private swim lessons. Our friendly instructors teach each lesson to children over the age of two catered towards a number of different levels of skills and proficiency. We go to great efforts to make the swim lesson environment perfect for learning either in our pool (shallow end is perfect for younger children first learning to swim) as well as the Quarry itself for those children looking to pass the Quarry Swim Test or simply develop their skills in deeper water.

Flexible schedules (usually weekday afternoons and/or weekend mornings) and experienced instructors -- sign up for lessons today!

Swim Lesson Information

Swim Lesson Levels: 

Pre-Beginner: Especially for children who are not yet comfortable in the water. The goals will be to help them adjust to the water through the use of games and songs 
and introduce beginning swimming skills.  
Parent will not be in the water with the child.

Beginner: Will learn to adjust to water and submerge. 
Will learn prone float and glide and back glide.  
Crawl and beginner strokes will be introduced.    

Advanced Beginner: Will learn the crawl, elementary backstroke, survival stroke and treading water. 

Intermediate: Will learn the breaststroke, back float, turns, combined skills and diving in the Quarry. 
All lessons given in the Quarry. 

Private Swim Lesson Form